Why its better

Like many other termite control products. Termidor is applied as a liquid, but that’s where the similarities end. Many older liquid termite products are repellents, which termites can not only detect, but also take great pains to stay away from and circumvent. In fact, given the tiny entry gaps that termites are able to fit through, it is virtually impossible to maintain a secure chemical repellent barrier around your home. Since Termidor is undetectable, termites neither avoid its treatment zone, nor try to find a way around it. 

Why “almost as good” isn’t good enough

Being #1 inevitably draws claims of “similar” results. But even other nonrepellent liquids can’t match the unprecedented performance or success rate of Termidor. Some claim to be “nearly,” “Practically,” or “almost” as effective, but the difference between “almost as good as Termidor” and Termidor itself can make all the difference in the word when it comes to ensuring your home is termite free.

A termite control failure can mean frustration, disruption, stress, and damage to your home. There’s simply no substitute for the assurance of the performance and formulation of Termidor, and quality service from Termidor Certified Professionals.

Real-World proven for over 10 years

Termidor features the most effective termite-control technology and application methods available today. At the same time, it has a long history of proven success. For more than a decade, pest professionals have been using it to successfully treat and protect millions of homes from coast to coast. In those 1- years, new termite control products have come along, but no one has outperformed Termidor. 

Formulated and applied with your family and environment in mind

Termidor is formulated with the same active ingredient as the #1 veterinarian-recommended flea and tick protection for dogs and cats. But, there’s much more to a responsible pest control product than its active ingredient. That’s why uncompromising standards are maintained in terms of the formulation of Termidor and the methods used to apply it.

Applied with precision using time-tested application methods at very low rates, Termidor binds tightly to the soil. This maintains the Termidor protective treatment zone through rainfall and irrigation and minimizes the chance for leaching or other off-site movement.

Termidor is virtually odor free and won’t cause any disruption to your family’s normal routines.